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Meet Southminster: Bill Hufnagel, Property & Finance Commission

Hello! My name is Bill Hufnagel. I am a member of the Property and Finance Committee.

I was born and raised in Crestwood. I was baptized at the Webster Groves Presbyterian Church.

When Southminster was built my family transferred us there. I attended Sunday School in the basement as a child. My mother, Ethel Hufnagel, attended Southminster throughout her years until her death in 2008. My fondest memories were when she had to go into a home toward the end of her life, the choir from Southminster came to her and sang Christmas carols. What a joy!!

I attended Lindbergh High School, graduated in 1974, spent a lot of time at Crestwood Plaza as I lived on the street directly behind it. I played baseball at all the parks in Crestwood as I played for McDonalds Hamburger’s baseball team during my youth years. I absolutely loved living in Crestwood!!

I met my wife, Michele, in 1973 at a Snow Cone stand in South St Louis of all places. After high school, I joined the Air Force. After basic training, we got married and left in my 1969 Mustang to go to California the same day where I was to be stationed at Travis A.F.S. the remaining four years. That trip out there was really an adventure-no idea what we were heading to and with no money at all. I really enjoyed my four years out there. My big regret was leaving California at the end of my term but Michele was really missing her family.

We came back to St Louis, only to have her family move to Nebraska six months later for her father’s job. Being a veteran, I then landed a job with the old Defense Mapping Agency where I worked in the warehouse. I began going to night school using my G.I. bill while I was working and after 10 years, I graduated at Washington University. That gave me opportunities where I ended up becoming a Senior Database Administrator at the same place which now is called the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. I spent 40 years there and I retired in 2013.

During those 40 years, Michele and I had four children Zach, Molly, Jessica and Megan. So of course, still had no money in the early years raising the kids. I worked at Emerson Electric as a part time job for five years. Spent most of those 40 years in the Oakville area.

When my mother passed in 2008, I wanted to connect with her so I decided the best way I could do so was by attending Southminster, knowing she was always there looking down. Three of my children had weddings in the past 18 months with two of them at Southminster. We now have two grandchildren, Josie and Charlette Rose, and hoping for more.

I am now driving a school bus for retirement for the past 6 years for the Mehlville School District. Michele is about ready to retire so I’m not really sure if I will do the same. We do plan on traveling quite a bit now and at the same time, enjoy our grandkids when we are in St Louis.

Thank you for reading and God Bless You!

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