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Meet Southminster: Sandy Freeman, Mission Commission

Sandra J. Freeman (aka “Sandy”) was born in the city of St. Louis where she attended and graduated from Adams Elementary School along with Fern Shaus and Donna (Bowen) Mackey. She attended an Evangelical and Reformed Church that was a block from her house and took catechism classes there but decided not to join that church because she was told that dancing was sinful.

Sandy’s family (Mom, Dad, 2 sisters and a brother) moved to Maplewood after she graduated from 8th grade and attended and graduated from Maplewood-Richmond Heights High School. After high school, she lived at home and commuted to UMSL where she majored in English and minored in secondary education and obtained a Bachelors of Arts degree four years later. She taught secondary English for 2 years at M-RH (her alma mater) and 2 years in two different cities in South Australia, Australia. Upon returning to the USA in 1974, she did substitute teaching but couldn’t find a permanent teaching position. She chose to take an entry position and worked her way up to an urban planner at East-West Gateway Coordinating Council and later obtained a Masters degree in Urban Affairs from Washington University. She then took a position with the Department of Housing and Urban Development where she advanced 3 grade levels in her 30 years there before retiring in 2009.

In January, 1990 Sandy moved her three daughters to Crestwood and about 4 blocks from Southminster Presbyterian where they began to attend church and Sunday school a couple of years later. The couple that influenced Sandy to join were Doris and Grady Balthrop who remain two of the nicest people Sandy had ever met and epitomized good Christians. Sandy became a member in 1994 when she and her 3 daughters were baptized on Palm Sunday (See photo).

Sandy’s hobbies include singing, musical comedy, RVing to see state and national parks, sewing, knitting, crocheting, and trying a new musical instrument every few years. She loves to visit with her four grandchildren whenever possible.

Sandy has learned that her role in Session will be to attend meetings and serve as Secretary to the Mission Commission in their meetings also. She hopes to be an active and positive member of both of these groups.

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