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Yesterday's Tomorrow is TODAY!

With the coming of a new year, it is not mandatory, but many of us often reflect on what the

previous year gave us, and what we hope for the future. New Year’s is really about getting another chance. A new year is both a chance to remember the glory of the past, and to explore new discoveries finding even more blessings waiting to be had.

What is the mission of Southminster? We are a congregation blessed in so many ways and with such great resources it is easy to think that all we need to do is repeat what we did last year and we’ll be okay. But is that what Jesus called his disciples to do? Is that what God has called us at Southminster to do? Nope.

It was about 20 years when the congregation devised the Vision 20/20 Mission Statement. A great idea but ultimately proved difficult to put into practice (there were lots of unforeseen roadblocks the church encountered since then). Well here we are! It’s 2020 and we have reached the future! Jesus said that mission of the church was to carry the good news to Jerusalem (hometown community) to Judea (the surrounding country) to the ends of the earth (the international community). How are we fulfilling the message of love, hope and support to those who need it? How are we being faithful and vital in the world? Where is the Holy Spirit working in our hearts?

I have a request, this year, please be in faithful prayer about God’s mission with you. What has God been doing to you and for you? Where is God leading the church? Also, be in prayer about “what can I do”. It is easy to say “They should do something about that,” and dismiss our own responsibility. We all take our calling seriously.

Sometimes we might think that we don’t have the gifts, or are not able to serve any more. That is a lie from the devil to keep us away from God. Every one of us at Southminster and beyond has gifts that we must always use for God. Today we are all Jesus’ disciples; and if you are 22 or 102 years old, our goal remains the same. In this next year together let us always be growing in faithfulness and vitality! God’s mission is for us to use our faithful traditions, our vital faith and hope in the future to spread the Good News to Crestwood, to the county, and to the world.

What is your part, today?

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