• Pastor Karl Hauser

Two Congregations, ONE Church

Pentecost is the 50th day after Easter when then Holy Spirit came and transformed the novice followers of Jesus, into powerful Apostles sent into the world. The musical offering from this day was a collaboration between members of both First United Presbyterian Church in Granite City, and Southminster. What a joy to perform "When He Came" by Ruth E. Schram as one church.

Tom Hart, Southminster's Choir Director says: "This gentle, flowing melody piano and organ accompaniment calls to mind the wordless breath of the Holy Spirit as it enters powerfully into each soul. May the comfort, strength, and guidance this anthem speaks of be yours through the power of the Holy Spirit that moves within us all today."

Boyd Barnard (SPC), Linda Barnard (SPC), Chris Hart, Jack Jenkins, organ (FUPC),

Mary Kottkamp, alto (SPC), Paul Laubengayer, piano (SPC), Mary Woll, soprano (FUPC)

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