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Stations of the Cross - Lent 2024

Come and experience Jesus’ story in fresh detail as we walk along with him starting with his

betrayal by Judas, continuing through the trial, the suffering, the mocking, and fateful death on Golgotha.  See with fresh eyes the details of the story, the nuance of the meaning and see why it has inspired faith around the globe for generations.

Tuesday Morning Bible Studies will start February 6th.  We will focus on the gospel texts, taking a literary look at the stories in each Gospel and examine how Matthew, Mark, Luke and John each tell the greatest story ever told.

Wednesday Lenten Dinners and Lenten Worship will begin on Ash Wednesday, February 14th with a soup dinner at 6pm in the gym and then a meditative worship time in the Parlor at 7pm.

Sunday Morning worship services each week will also  be a part of this program.  Every week in worship we will ask the important question of “why?” Why did Jesus do  what he did, and, why is it important for us today?


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