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Special Music for a Special Day

When we look at our lives, we can wonder "how did I get here?" Well, the answer is that we got here one day at a time. Well today, if you would, I would encourage you to watch the video attached to this post. It is a special piece of music curated by our own Tom Hart. Life is an accumulation of small things, and sometimes we need a little more special music in our lives.

It can be hard to recognize how little decisions and choices can impact our day. I was watching a recent home-remodeling show and was taken aback by the young couple's expectation to get all their elaborate plans completed, within their very modest budget. Alas, as money began to run out, corners had to be cut, designs simplified and they had to choose: of all the fancy-schmancy things they wanted, what were their top priorities and what would they live without. At the end of the day, their house was finished. It looked great, and having clarified their priorities, it made their house feel just as remarkable as they'd hoped.

Each of us make decisions every day about how we spend our time. As they day goes on, we are confronted with choosing what we most want to do. I hope your choices eventually bring you some joy and encouragement. If you can, take a moment to reflect on something good, something beautiful, something honorable. I offer this piece of music, and if you choose to listen, I hope it brings you a bit of joy today. A joy that might continue to grow in your heart.

“The Snow Lay On The Ground” English Carol arr. Wm. Cutter. Martha J. Hart, mezzo-soprano, Paul Laubengayer, piano, Kris McKay, clarinet and Meredith McKay, flute



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