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Night of Tears and Silence

After Jesus' death, the people thought is was over and thought that his revolution was over. Things would go back to the way they were, and people, however transformed by Jesus' touch, would never feel it again.

This is a night of wondering and crying. "Jesus why did you ever think it was a good idea to do this? To die in such a way. Could you not have lived a quiet life, in dignity and humility and shown us that God loves the worker, even a lowly carpenter."

I imagine he'd reply, "No. I could not. I needed to show you what real sacrifice is. You needed to see my blood, carry my limp body and embrace death so that you might know what I have really done."

One of my new favorite hymns is O Carpenter, Why Leave the Bench. The lyrics read:

O carpenter why leave the bench where wood yields to your art,

And take instead to try your skill the stony human heart?

O carpenter why leave the tools to carry out your plans,

And go instead to do God’s work with empty open hands?

O carpenter why leave the world of table, bed, and house,

To face the empire’s carpentry, to lift a Roman cross?

O carpenter why leave repairs with wood and clamp and glue,

And rise from death to seek instead to make the whole world new?

O carpenter who else could do the work that you have done?

What can we do but sing your praise, O Savior, Mary’s son.

Hear Mark Hazlewood sing as Paul Laubengayer play this hymn for us tonight. I hope that this music brings both tears of grief and tears of hope. Will this night be the end of Jesus? Or is it just the beginning?



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