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Holy Week Worship Service

What better way to deeepen your faith than by attending a meaningful service of worship focusing on the key events of Jesus final days before his death and resurrection!


Come and participate in a new type of service for our Palm/Passion Sunday where we will narrrate through the final days of Jesus life from his Triumphal entry into Jerusalem with the crowds chanting Hosanna!

Then we follow Jesus to the upper room where he celebrates the Last Supper with his disciples. Join us as we celebrate communion with an open table and open hearts. Yet at the end of the meal Jesus knows what is in store.

His betrayer begins a series of events that precipitate in Jesus being condemned and dying on the cross. His death is a symbol of our death, and his victory will be our victory.

We welcome you to join us for special interactiv e services during the week.

MAUNDY THURSDAY: A symbolic washing and communion service where Jesus commands his disciples to love one another and live by this new commandment.

GOOD FRIDAY: A deeply moving service where we all come forward and nail our own sins to a real cross in the sanctuary as we profess, in life and death, that we belong to Jesus.

EASTER is coming April 9, and will be the answer the world neeeds!

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