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Encountering the Divine Christ

Discipleship Corner:

Encountering the Divine Christ

Have you ever had a “God Moment,” a “divine appointment” or a “sacred experience?” No doubt each of us have at some point experienced something that transcends the mundane world we live in. Something that speaks to the deeper realities than we can sense. I also know that many of us don’t have these moments more than one or two times in a lifetime. So what about the less-extraordinary encounters? Peter and the disciples were presented with miracle after miracle, and yet they didn’t believe. Not all of us can be Saul of Tarsus with one instant vision transforming our whole life. I am more of a disciple, it is a longer process. When we “Encounter” the divine through prayer, worship, devotion or fellowship, or just walking around, it draws your attention away from the mundane things, to the holy order of things. When you feel the call of God, it is hard to go back to the way things were before. When have you encountered God?

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