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Are you Running on Empty?

This is the beginning of my oldest child’s first year in first grade. Thus begins running our lives around the school year. Until now we could take long weekend trips, or middle of the week trips without regret. Now with school expectations, attendance, and homework, our home calendar is fuller.

Our country has yearly holidays and our work places have busy and slow seasons. Even the church is running on its own calendar encompassing Advent, Lent, Easter and Pentecost etc. We humans like (and live by) our calendars. That is how God made us.

Do you know the earliest mention of time-keeping in the Bible is? Earlier than the Gospels, earlier than the Israelite Law codes... it is way back literally “in the beginning.” In those first six days God orders the days marked by the sun, the seasons and tides are born through the moon, the planting and harvesting arise because God created plants with seeds that need time to grow.

As we look at our lives, how often do we think we just run out of time time? How often do we say in exasperation, “There are not enough hours in the day!” If you are like me these thoughts come frequently! But what if there is something missing? How do we avoid feeling empty all the time?

In Genesis people were created on the 6th day. On Day 7 it says God rested, it was the Sabbath, and so Adam and Eve’s very first day in creation was a day of rest! They rested with God FIRST before they did anything.

We tend to do the opposite: run ourselves ragged getting as much done as we can first. Then we come to the end our rope tired and worn out seeking rest. But this leads to tiredness and burnout. God built us to rest in Him FIRST, to take comfort, solace, and peace. Then we are sent into the world with a full tank of energy and hope. We work, BECAUSE we are rested in God.

I sometimes still think I need to get so much done to prove my worth. But now, knowing I need to rest in God first, I can take a step back, I pause as the busy-body in me fights to do-do-DO. Every morning I breathe deeply and give thanks to God for a new day. I give thanks for the abundance of blessings—and challenges—I will face, knowing that God has the world in His hands. My job is to be faithful, not be productive. Being faithful means resting first, and then running on a full tank.

This Fall, as you get busy, when you feel overwhelmed and harried, instead of running on empty, take a break, take a breath and rest in God. God has an endless supply of love and grace to fill your empty tank.

Pastor Karl

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